NextGen AeroSciences was founded by Drs. Bruce J. Holmes, James Herriot and Bruce K. Sawhill, and William Van Valkenberg, Esq in 2009 to engage in high-level analyses of concepts, capabilities, technologies and other factors that will shape the Next Generation Air Transportation System ("NextGen"). (See

The company is currently working on NextGen research projects with the Joint Planning & Development Office ("JPDO") and NASA's NextGen Airspace Project. The Company builds on its founders' contributions in applied research in complexity and network sciences, computationally efficient combinatorial mathematics, and in air transportation system strategies, technologies, and innovation management. The founders bring a heritage from the Santa Fe Institute, NASA, Los Alamos National Laboratory, Bios Group, the U.S. Joint Planning and Development Office ("JPDO") for the Next Generation Air Transportation System ("NextGen") and DayJet Corporation.


The principals in the company bring broad experience in thought leadership and technology development in complex adaptive systems, combinatorial mathematics, large-scale system strategies, aviation technologies, and innovation management.

Bruce J. HolmesBruce J. Holmes, D.E.,
CEO and Chief Strategy Officer

Bruce, the principal in Holmes Consulting LLC, supports a variety of industry, government and university clients in strategy, technology, aviation systems development, and partnerships. He serves on several boards of directors and advisory councils in government (including the FAA REDAC), industry, and academia. In 2007 Holmes joined DayJet Corporation, supporting the launch of the industry's first per-seat, on-demand air carrier business model. His responsibilities included working with the White House and Congress on air transportation advocacy. Holmes was also a founder of the successful spinout, DayJet Technologies, to market the software platform assets for fully automated air carrier operations for nearer-term client applications. In 2008 he joined FOCUS, LLC - Investment Bankers, as a Senior Advisor in their Government-Aerospace-Defense Group. Prior to joining DayJet, Dr. Holmes retired from public service of 33 years with the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) as a member of the federal Senior Executive Service. He led the creation of the NASA AGATE (Advanced General Aviation Transport Experiments) Alliance and the SATS (Small Aircraft Transportation System) Project. Holmes served in the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy in aviation policy analysis. He also helped found the U.S. Joint Planning and Development Office (JPDO), leading the development of the strategies for the Next Generation Air Transportation System (NextGen). He holds four patents and is the author of more than 75 technical papers. A pilot of more than 40 years with a Citation Jet-type rating, Bruce is a former flight instructor, as well as a member of EAA, AOPA, and a Fellow of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics.

William Van Valkenberg,
President and Chief Operating Officer

Bill was the Chief Legal Officer of DayJet Corporation, an on-demand regional air carrier in Boca Raton, Florida, from February 2006 to September 2008. As a general business and securities lawyer in several law firms and as a business owner and manager, Bill has more than thirty years experience building, leading and advising companies through rapidly changing business environments, complex restructurings and capital markets transactions. He is accomplished in structuring and negotiating business transactions, has strong securities and corporate governance expertise, a solid background in mergers and acquisitions and partnering transactions, and hands-on experience with regulated industries.

James HerriotJames Herriot, PhD,
Vice President and Chief Technology Officer

Dr. James Herriot was a founding member of DayJet, working with Dr. Bruce Sawhill for the last six years developing and deploying key enabling science and algorithms necessary for reliable on-demand air travel. Prior to DayJet, Jim was Vice President of Science for BiosGroup, a spin off of the Santa Fe Institute, and the world's largest complexity science consulting company at the time. He was also a founder of JavaSoft at Sun Microsystems, head of marketing for Sun's Unix OS, member of Sun Microsystems Labs and a world-wide speaker for Sun. Jim has testified before the US Senate Defense Appropriations committee, and has worked with Dr. Sawhill as a Principal Investigator for DARPA as well as many other U.S. government agencies.


Bruce K. Sawhill Bruce K. Sawhill, PhD,
Vice President and Chief Science Officer

Dr. Bruce Sawhill is an aviation veteran, having been a founding member of DayJet Corp in 2002 where he worked with Dr. Jim Herriot on modeling, analysis, and corporate strategy, together building the most detailed air transportation market model in aviation history. Prior to DayJet, Bruce was a co-founder of the Bios Group, a consulting practice formed by a coalition of scientists from the Santa Fe Institute and Los Alamos National Laboratory to apply cutting-edge scientific advances to difficult problems in government and industry. Prior to Bios Group, Dr. Sawhill worked extensively in the field of complexity science and is an alumnus of both the Santa Fe Institute and Los Alamos National Laboratories where he worked in the areas of non-equilibrium phase transitions, agent-based modeling, and network theory. Dr. Sawhill received his PhD in theoretical particle physics and quantum field theory from Stanford University. His expertise includes scheduling algorithms, agent-based modeling, market mechanism design, and social networks.