Welcome to NextGen AeroSciences, LLC


Develop analytic tools, computational models and scientific techniques for analyzing the economic factors shaping the structure of air transportation.


NextGen AeroSciences was founded by Drs. Bruce J. Holmes, James Herriot and Bruce K. Sawhill, and William Van Valkenberg, Esq in 2009 to engage in high-level analyses of concepts, capabilities, technologies and other factors that will shape the Next Generation Air Transportation System ("NextGen"). (See .)

The company is currently working on NextGen research projects with the Joint Planning & Development Office ("JPDO") and NASA's NextGen Airspace Project. The Company builds on its founders' contributions in applied research in complexity and network sciences, computationally efficient combinatorial mathematics, and in air transportation system strategies, technologies, and innovation management. The founders bring a heritage from the Santa Fe Institute, NASA, Los Alamos National Laboratory, Bios Group, the U.S. Joint Planning and Development Office ("JPDO") for the Next Generation Air Transportation System ("NextGen") and DayJet Corporation.